Judy Garland in ”Babes On Broadway” (1941) during the ”Hoedown” number.


*tears up at a still shot of judy garland in meet me in st louis*

Judy Garland in a costume test for The Wizard of Oz, 1938.




Douglas Adams is the best when it comes to describe characters

they need to teach classes on Douglas Adams analogies okay

He leant tensely against the corridor wall and frowned like a man trying to unbend a corkscrew by telekinesis.”

"Stones, then rocks, then boulders which pranced past him like clumsy puppies, only much, much bigger, much, much harder and heavier, and almost infinitely more likely to kill you if they fell on you.”

"He gazed keenly into the distance and looked as if he would quite like the wind to blow his hair back dramatically at that point, but the wind was busy fooling around with some leaves a little way off.”

"It looked only partly like a spaceship with guidance fins, rocket engines and escape hatches and so on, and a great deal like a small upended Italian bistro.”

"If it was an emotion, it was a totally emotionless one. It was hatred, implacable hatred. It was cold, not like ice is cold, but like a wall is cold. It was impersonal, not as a randomly flung fist in a crowd is impersonal, but like a computer-issued parking summons is impersonal. And it was deadly - again, not like a bullet or a knife is deadly, but like a brick wall across a motorway is deadly.”

You forgot the best one though-

"The ships hung in the sky in much the same way that bricks don’t."

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I hate when people ask questions during movies like do you not understand that the movie purposely doesn’t tell you things in order to build suspense

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Mindy Kaling on the worst birthday gift she’s received

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V.F.D. is a secret organisation dedicated to putting out both literal and metaphorical fires in the world. It is an initialism for Volunteer Fire Department, although it has come to mean many other things as well. Members are usually recruited when young and are abducted from their homes (with parental permission) as part of the initiation. One famous member is Lemony Snicket, whose whereabouts are currently unknown.

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A Facebook friend of mine had the perfect thing to say about this creep:

This is why, despite being a nonbeliever and a scientifically minded person, I hesitate to identify as a member of the skeptic/atheist community- it is dominated by pompous white men who find doing things like categorizing rape into different “levels” of badness, and playing logical fallacy “gotcha” games with anyone hurt by this, to be a diverting intellectual exercise. In truth, they may act like this is nothing more than a fun little project, but this is to hide how much emotional validation and sexual enjoyment they derive from this game. Their intent is to do harm, and to assert power by the further gaslighting and violation of boundaries of those who protest. The more you ask them to stop, the more excited they get, and the more they will try to pull you into a “debate” and harm you further. This is not done in the spirit of true inquiry and debate; it is abuse disguised in the sterile wrapping of “discourse.” 

Dawkins is such a moron.  Largely because he seems to think women think of rape exclusively as a crime rather than as a traumatic experience.  

Nobody cares how many years in jail you can get for a rape, Dickie, if they’re trying to put the pieces of their psyche back together and are fairly certain it’s not worth it to bother even telling the police.  Your utilitarian calculations of badness don’t matter to someone who feels totally destroyed, and apparently evolution forgot to include the notion of human empathy and compassion in your general asshole program.

Also, just let’s clarify why this is stupid legally as well as stupid empathically: the justice system in most countries knows that a-crime-with-violence-added should be a charge of the base crime, plus the crime of using violence to commit a crime.  That’s why you can have more than one charge.  Here’s how it works:

1) Rape is a crime.

2) Threatening someone with a knife is a crime.

If you committed the crime in (2), you may deserve harsher punishment for (1), the way we do sentencing, but maybe not (up to the judge really); you get punished for two separate crimes, even if committed together, as separate charges.

In other words, even our justice system tries to keep these things separate so that you don’t dilute the badness of them.

You shouldn’t have to “compare” date rape and rape at knifepoint.  Crime at knifepoint is wrong.  Rape is wrong.  Both are crimes, both can be committed independently of one another.  Comparing them creates the even more awkward situation where you start comparing “knifepoint attack plus rape” to “knifepoint attack alone,” and then we really go down a shitty rabbit hole to a hell dominated by White Men who think rape victims give half a shit about everything I just mentioned.

This is basically why Richard Dawkins should just stop talking. He gives the rest of us evolutionists a bad name.

that first comment tho


this is the wrong color tricycle mom I hate you so much this is the worst birthday ever

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As promised, here are some pictures of Lyalya’s first walk outside! Look at the bushy little squirrel tail :D the sandpit was her favorite spot! She was extremely excited and threw sand all over the place

this is a fucking squirrel. this is a fucking squirrel with a cat’s head. who is responsible for this

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